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Airospring cushions are highly breathable and allow maximum airflow. This airflow allows microclimate control inside the cushion and promotes the dissipation of heat and perspiration. Recent tests to EN 31092 for the measurement of thermal resistance and dissipation of water vapour confirm this performance.

Our products are the only cushions assembled entirely from breathable 3D knitted Spacer fabrics. In most cases, three layers of Spacer fabric are used, each one bringing in its own different compression qualities. Add these layers together and you have a cushion which combines the best qualities of each. 

Airospring Medical's products are non-allergenic and provide odour control. They have been designed with your health and comfort in mind. For specific conditions you should consult your doctor or clinician. 

AiroSpring Microclimate Technology

Crafted with Your Health in Mind

Each 3D Spacer fabric has been engineered to transfer moisture vapour away. T

Microclimates are important in preventing unwanted skin conditions. It’s been claimed that wet skin has only 4% of the strength of dry skin, leaving it much more susceptible to breaks, sores and rashes. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your health.

Recent guidance from the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) states “Heat increases the metabolic rate, induces sweating and decreases the tolerance of the tissue for pressure. When body heat cannot dissipate it will increase the risk of skin breakdown and may impede healing”.

Pressure ulcers are a really nasty health problem that’s both painful and entirely avoidable. Wheelchair users or those who spend a lot of time sitting down are the most at risk of these and we have designed our cushions and mattress overlays with their prevention in mind.


Cushions and Toppers

We also stock our very own mattress overlays, which incorporate the same technology as our cushions. 

To see how effective our range of  pressure relief cushions and pressure relief mattress toppers really can be, take a look at our range.